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All policies as listed below and on other official policy pages are to be obeyed at all times on this wiki, unconditional on whether or not the user does or does not have an account. Administrators have the right to block any violating user for any amount of time unless otherwise specified.



  • All language is required to be clean. Swear words are prohibited. Swear words are defined by the administrators, not the users. Violators may be blocked at first offense if the word is bad enough.
  • No uploading of inappropriate pictures. Administrators have the right to delete images unrelated to the wiki. Images containing inappropriate content as defined by the administrators will be deleted immediately, and the uploading user will also be blocked immediately.
  • Administrators must follow all policies in addition to Google Wiki:Administrator Policy.


  • All users must treat other users kindly. Negetive comments are required to be worded kindly. Any rude comment, message, or other form of text will be deleted immediately.
  • Advertising is allowed in blogs, profiles, and can be mentioned once in chat. All other forms of advertising including talk pages, repeated linking in chat, and creating forums are not allowed.


  • Removal of content must be explained. If content is removed from a page with no obvious reason, and no given explanation, it is to be considered vandalism.
  • Making several edits in a row on the same article is prohibited. All changes should be combined into as few edits as possible.
  • When creating an article, it is expected that you follow Google Wiki:Page Creation Policy.
  • If a page is used on spamming, vandalism, advertisement, or off topic content in any kind of way, the action will be removed or reverted and the user who was responsible for this will be blocked.


  • No religious or suggestive discussions in public chat whatsoever. Religious discussion is allowed in private messages with those of similar beliefs only.
  • No spamming or flooding chat. The chat moderator's opinion of whether your message is spam of flooding will always overrule yours.
  • All moderators are required to follow the guidelines given on Google Wiki:Moderator Policy.


  • All images must be appropriate for all audiences. No gore, violence, or nudity.
  • The majority of images uploaded by any specific users should be primarily relevant to Google. Files irrelevant to Google, also known as User files, should not be uploaded in excess.