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Google+ Events is a new feature in Google+. It allows one to create an event to invite their friends to. It was announced and released during Google I/O 2012.


Beautiful invitations. Instant photo sharing with Party Mode. And everyone's photos in one place after the event. Get dinner with friends, organize a house party… and everything in between.


Party Mode

Party Mode allows users to set up their phone so that they can take pictures of the event. The pictures will be uploaded to the even on Google+ in real time.

Events is a feature of Google+ allowing to schedule an event, either public or private, and invite people (either from inside or outside Google+).

Google Calendar Support

When you decide to attend an event, Google will automatically add it to your Google Calendar. You can also view, edit, and respond to your Google+ events through Google Calendar.

Useful tips

  • There is a limit on the amount of people that can be invited in one round.
  • Events cannot be recurring. And new iteration of an event requires to use the "Duplicate event" feature.
  • Events in Calendars cannot have their alert settings changed (contrary to a regular Google Agenda rendez-vous).

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