Android 4.2 on the Nexus 4

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is a version of Android. Similar to version 4.1, it has the name Jelly Bean. Version 4.2.0 had many glitches, and gained a lot of the lag that version 4.1 had removed. Not long after the devices had the 4.2.0 update, they received the 4.2.1 update. This update fixed many of the glitches, and restored much of the speed that version 4.1 had. However, even with the improvements, some people have still noticed the version having new glitches that were not found in 4.1.

Several new features came with the update, major updates are listed below.

Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere is one of the most significant updates for the operating system. When the user turns the mode on, it tells them to turn in certain directions, and takes images at specific spots which it determines using the gyroscope. The software then puts the images on top of each other, and creates a 3D image similar to those found in Street View of Google Maps.

Gesture Typing

Gesture typing is a new feature for the Android keyboard. It allows users to swipe across the screen, stopping or changing directions on letters to type, instead of just pressing buttons. This feature was already popular with the Swype keyboard app, and Google has merged it into their standard keyboard.

Multiple Tablet Users

Android 4.2 introduced a new feature that is popular on desktops and laptops -multiple users. It is the first mobile operating system to ever have a feature like this. It allows families to share tablets by each creating their own user on the tablet. When powering it on, it allows you to choose your user, and each user gets their own data and apps.

Quick Settings

Quick Settings added a second drop down menu that could be accessed from the top of the screen. Similarly to the notifications menu, the quick settings were accessed by dragging down from the top. On tablets, they were accessed by dragging from the right side of the screen, while notifications were on the left. On smartphones, they could be accessed by tapping a button in the notifications menu, or by swiping down with two fingers.

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